From Missing Tooth to Radiant Smile: Closing the Gap with Dental Implants

2023-12-12 16:27

In the vibrant tapestry of Malaysian smiles, the shadow of tooth loss looms large. Tooth loss is a prevalent oral health problem among adults in Malaysia, attributed to various factors such as caries, periodontal disease, trauma, infection and congenitally missing teeth.

However, research available in the country showed a considerable number of individuals opt not to replace missing teeth. A 2019 poll by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia among some 203 adults revealed that 83% reported missing teeth, yet a significant 74% hadn't pursued replacement options. 

The main reasons for not replacing the missing teeth included a perceived low need for replacement (35%), lack of awareness (17%), financial constraints (15%) and dental phobia (15%).

The Domino Effect of Missing Teeth on Oral Health

The repercussions of missing teeth extend far beyond the cosmetic realm, giving rise to other oral health issues such as shifting teeth, bone loss, and gum problems. Gaps in the dental arch trigger adjacent teeth to shift, affecting bite alignment and facial structure.

The absence of tooth roots accelerates jawbone loss, weakening surrounding teeth and compromising overall oral stability. Swift intervention is crucial to thwart these cascading issues, and dental implants help prevent the domino effect of complications, in turn preserve long-term oral health.

The Awareness-Cost Divide of Dental Implants

The survey outcomes emphasised that dentists were the primary source of information, followed by friends and electronic media. Interestingly, more than half of respondents (55.6%) perceived dental implants to be on par with their natural teeth in terms of function. However, the perceived high cost associated with dental implant treatment became the major limiting factor.

It is crucial to acknowledge that while the initial investment in dental implants may seem substantial, the long-lasting durability they offer far outweighs the upfront expense. With a lifespan that outshines alternatives, dental implants emerge as a cost-effective investment in the context of long-term oral health. Delaying this investment can spiral into increased costs, as the need for orthodontic treatments and bone grafts becomes more pronounced.

Redefining the Dental Implant Experience

Modern techniques have revolutionised the dental implant process. From 3D imaging to digital impressions, Artius Dental brings the A-game with advanced technology to enhance the accuracy, efficiency and comfort of the treatment process.

The clinic's commitment to excellence is exemplified in the use of the top-tier Straumann® Dental Implant System. Setting a precedent in Malaysia, the clinic proudly houses Planmeca Viso’s Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) technology, providing unparalleled diagnostic precision.

As patients step into Artius Dental, each phase is meticulously orchestrated to perfection. The clinic’s state-of-the-art dental operating theatre, certified by the Ministry of Health with Ambulatory Care Centre (ACC) status, provides sedation and general anaesthesia for a comprehensive range of procedures.

Within the premises, an in-house laboratory comes alive, where skilled lab technicians collaborate on a digital pre-treatment implant plan and craft personalised 3D surgical guides for each patient.

Artius Dental's mission goes beyond the technicalities of dentistry. It is about instilling confidence, empowering informed choices, and paving the way for a future where every individual smile is treasured as a precious asset.